Who is a therapist

A qualified therapist of the RUŠ Method is a graduate from therapeutic courses of the method, holder of a valid CERTIFICATE.

How to qualify

The training of future therapists consists of two consecutive courses (in which one can join after attending the three basic courses), in which participants gradually acquire knowledge of how to work with a client with quality and in a responsible manner. The second course is concluded by a theoretical and practical certification exam. The successful graduates become qualified therapists of the RUŠ Method. They renew their qualification once a year in special courses.

Evaluation before certification

The evaluation of future therapists is based in particular on a natural interest in a client.

A prospective holder of a certificate should know that helping people is what they really want and that they find it fulfilling.

The future therapists take several specialized tests, are evaluated in terms of their knowledge of theory, its use in practice as well as the overall development of their personality.

In addition to this, before qualifying, the lecturers and assistants individually answer the following questions for every participant

  • Do they know the theory, have they mastered it?
  • Do they guide the client clearly, precisely and without redundancies?
  • Do they achieve an optimum result in the given time?
  • Do they guide with certainty and calm?
  • Do they support the client, are they interested in them, are they compassionate?

And in particular:

  • Would I send my closest one to them?
  • Would I go to them myself?

How to choose a therapist

Take a look at the profile of a therapist on this website, read their words, and evaluate whether you like their qualification.

It can be expected that a therapist with a fresh certificate knows the latest techniques (the RUŠ Method has been gradually enhanced with new practical procedures and the changes over the past two years have been significant). Whereas a therapist holding a certificate for a longer time may have more practical experience, depending on how intensely they have worked as therapists. The distance from your place of residence may obviously play a role for you as well. Call them and have a talk. Ask them how many clients they have helped using the method so far, whether they only use the RUŠ Method or provide several various therapies.
If you cannot decide, use the e-mail address in the Contacts and we will make an individual recommendation of a suitable therapist directly for your specific situation and problem.
If you choose a therapist who does not have a profile on this official website, you take full responsibility for the course and result of the therapy.

Have you been to a therapy?

Share your experience and results with us. We thank you for your e-mails in advance.

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