The RUŠ Method is a comprehensive system

In principle, it consists of three fundamental steps:

1st step: Identification of negative convictions in the client's mind. 
2nd step: Resolution of the identified negative convictions of the client
3rd step: Check that the negative conviction (problem) is permanently resolved

With the guidance of a therapist, the client focuses on identifying and removing negative mental patterns (convictions, mental blocks), simply those things causing the person unpleasant feelings, stress, trouble, problems, worries, pain and sores... All those things that hinder them from living a happy life.

What is the structure of therapy like

The therapist guides the client through targeted questions to the primary causes of their current problems and difficulties, which they subsequently resolve (or we can say eliminate or remove). During a therapy, you know where you are and what is happening in every moment.

Your eyes will be closed in order to be better aware of your feelings, both emotionally and physically,  and you will be able to recall past events.

Be honest

The therapist will first talk to you about your problems. Together you will identify your biggest current problem. They will note down what troubles you. Trust your therapist and be open. If you keep something for yourself, they cannot rid you of it and you will continue living it.

Do not be afraid to ask

The therapist will explain you briefly the way of working. If you do not understand something, do not be afraid to ask.

What can I expect?

The therapist will first guide you through asking precise questions to the event in which you have experienced the problem lately. If it is acute, you will probably first look into this problem. That means that you will find and resolve its cause in the past. If it is not acute, you will start to gradually resolve your relationships with your close ones. First with your parents, then siblings, then partners from the first to the last one, a relationship with children, with yourself, and with the world (universe, God). Depending on the type of your problem and your personality, you may also resolve relationships with other people who have influenced you in life, even a relationship with an animal – especially if it died.
This part of therapy includes a comprehensive forgiveness and liberation of every person in question.
In conclusion of the therapy, you will return to the event (termed the current event) which you started with and walk through it again. Your feelings will show you whether the problem is resolved. You should have pleasant or neutral feelings (please do not forget about physical feelings which are equally important as emotions!).

How long does the therapy last?

One therapeutic session may last between two to four hours (after a longer period of time attention drops. In exceptional cases it is possible to work longer if you and the therapist agree on it).

You may need several therapies depending on the severity and number of your problems. However, you must have clear results after the first therapy. You will feel relief in that area of life which you have worked on.

Preparation for the therapy

You do not have to prepare for a therapy using the RUŠ method in any way. 

At the beginning of a therapeutic session, you and the therapist agree on and describe what your current, most bothersome problem is.

Have you been to a therapy?

Share your experience and results with us. We thank you for your e-mails in advance.

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