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Do you know those I-don´t-give-a-damn types of people? Those who stay cool regardless of what happens? Well, and for the rest of us I have invented the RUŠ Method :-).

Problems all over the place

When I was a child, I worried about things and perceived that people around me worried as well. The closest ones as well as the distant ones, relatives, neighbours... I gradually came to realize that many people – actually everyone – had some problems. A number of people pretended not to have any, while others looked for a solution. And I saw hospitals and psychiatric departments being constantly overcrowded and the “solution” that was claimed by “the authorized” to be working was not very functional.

I decided to look for an efficient solution

And so I started searching. I searched very hard and for a long time. I looked for a way of helping myself, my parents, my close ones, unknown people, this country as well as this planet. I looked for a solution using various techniques, methods and therapeutic procedures, including work with energy. When I used energy to help people, it was really helping them. However, sooner or later their problems reoccurred.

And it happened exactly to those people who hadn't changed anything inside themselves. 

I also have a lot of experience with healers and I've heard them say so many times things like: “Well, I help the people, but then they keep doing the same stupidities over and over again. And then they have the same problems and health issues and sooner or later they come back to me”.

Therefore, I have come to my personal conclusions: When a person does not change anything about themselves, the problem lasts. One may suppress the problem, strike an energy balance for some time, perhaps even for several years, but the problem returns after some time again.

I wanted something that really worked

So I looked for something that would help people really resolve and finally eliminate their problems using their own efforts and responsible approach.

I came to realize that some therapeutic procedures were functional more than the others, some of them changed nothing, and some of them even worsened the person's condition.

Most techniques encourage/suggest a long-term work on oneself. I have decided to find something that would help anyone with anything, fast and with a permanent effect.. One day I left for India (because at that time I was convinced that I had to find my answers in an ashram). There they kept repeating to us: “Just observe it”, “Let it subside”.

However, the result was that only few people (those with very few negative convictions) could see some results now and then.

I realized that the results in India were directly proportional to the unshakable inner belief it would change now. However, those who did not achieve this unconditional belief did not see any changes at all.

I had to take stock in myself

The intention was: “I will find it at last.” And so I continued searching. I took stock in myself. I was thinking about the fact that all the wise man said: “You need to accept it.” Accept – but how? At that time I already had a clear decision that I would find it.

Suddenly, I had an idea, I gave it a try and in half a minute I resolved my long-time issue I had not been able to get rid of even by the means of the greatest techniques I had known so far. All of a sudden it was gone. In just a few seconds. I was surprised. I quickly found another problem which still made my life unpleasant and processed it in the very same manner. The problem was gone during the next few seconds.

And in this way, I got rid of a great variety of negative convictions (mental blocks) that had been making my life unpleasant. And I got rid of them very quickly, you could say immediately.

I polished up a diamond

Since then I have brushed up this method of resolving problems to make it as easy, fast, and efficient as possible, to have a permanent effect, and to be applicable for everyone. I worked on it together with my wife Evička. Together we called the method “fast and efficient change of reality” (RUŠ is actually the acronym of the Czech words Rychlá a Účinná změna Skutečnosti). Other slogans quickly became established as well: Eliminate what disturbs you, Quickly to complete happiness, Detergent for problems, Mercedes for your mind :-).

It is a method for reaching a maximal personal development by gradually removing all the negative convictions hindering a person from fully developing his/her potential, hidden abilities and talents.

One needs to take an action

During the many years of my practice I have had the opportunity to test many different things. Looking back, the RUŠ Method is a natural consequence of how my life has developed. And I am convinced that everyone finally arrives to the same principles, which guide us all. Many people believe that someone can resolve their problems for them. This follows the same logic as if you sat down in your armchair at home and someone convinced you that they would move you to the City of Brno without you doing anything – and you would still sit at home in the living room, waiting for arriving in Brno. Some would even believe to be already in Brno. However, one needs to open their eyes and understand finally that having done nothing, I am still sitting in the same place. Do you want to go to Brno (Prague, America, new life, ...supply anything)? Then you need to take action and and do something to make it happen.

The RUŠ Method is for everyone who has made a decision

Some time ago, I used to say that the RUŠ Method was for everyone. Based on a numerous experience with many clients I know today that the RUŠ Method is intended only for those who find inner power and courage not to suffer anymore, to resolve their problems, and to start living a happy life. It is suitable for those who do not want to just endlessly try something, but have decided to face life straight and live happily. For such people, the RUŠ Method works fast and well.

People who help spread my vision

When I started doing the RUŠ therapies, I was excited to see my clients changing in front of my eyes. Then I started thinking how amazing it would be if this method of helping people spread as much as possible. But I only have a limited capacity myself. And even though I help many people personally, it will still be just a drop in a sea. And since this is a system/method which can be easily transmitted and taught to others, myself and Evicka have decided to teach the RUŠ Method in courses. We pass it on our students, so that they can help themselves with any problem, and we train the best ones to become therapists, who use the RUŠ Method as an efficient tool for therapies with clients. By doing so, they help enlarge the group of happy and satisfied people in the world. The best therapists become assistants, who help participants of our courses. Currently, we already have the first six lecturers who run our RUŠ 1 courses and prepare for running advanced courses. I fell happy, because in this way our hands spread even further enabling us to help an increasing number of people.

Something about me

I was born on 18 June 1954 in Prague Podoli.

My father was a cinema projectionist, my mother worked as a dressmaker. My sister Hanka, who is 11 year younger than me, is a successful entrepreneur.

From my fist marriage with Marcelka I have two beloved sons, Ludek and David. Marcelka was my first girlfriend and my first wife. 32 years of our life together mean a lot to me. Marcelka helped me a lot with discovering the RUŠ Method – I learned and developed a lot through making efforts to make our relationship harmonic. I love people and I love helping them to be happy. I love humour and enjoy when people laugh. I am a do-it-yourself person who invents various improvements and new solutions. I like ice cream and whipped cream. I do not eat meat, because I do not feel like eating it. I have several patents for wooden folding relaxation/meditation/health stools and small folding adjustable tables. After I had resolved negative convictions which worried me in my relationship with Marcelka, we separated.

In that period I worked on the topic of solitude.

Then I decided for an ideal partner and Evicka entered my life in 14 days. I wish everyone from the bottom of my heart to have what we experience together – a miracle/magic/luck/fairy tale…

It took me several years to create an ideal system enabling us to teach the RUŠ Method even better and ensuring a follow-up care for graduates of our courses and other important steps. My main criterion was to make it a free and independent system open for everyone. Currently, this system is being “brushed up” by a team of great professionals. And I am looking forward for it to start working.

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