The RUS method in practice

Do you want to see how the RUS Method works? You are right here.

There are examples of solving specific problems with real people.

We thank them once again for agreeing to share :-)

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Adam got rid of his fear of graduation

Adam was dealing with his fear of graduation, whether he would be able to prepare. After forty minutes of cleaning, in addition to this problem, he has processed many other programs that would prevent him from being successful in any profession in the future. During therapy, Karel explains what and why we do during therapy. And among other things, they beautifully set his goals with Adam.

Matej solves his fear of how he will handle school

Matěj dealt with his fear of how he would handle the prestigious, demanding school. You will see in the video where the causes of his problem were and how quickly he was able to solve it with the help of the RUS Method.

RUŠ also works for children

Josefí missed school and was afraid that her mother would not come for her in time. She bravely embarked on therapy and how did it turn out? Her goal, which she set herself: I like to be alone at school and I have peace to study, has been fulfilled.

The ideal partner - It works

"I feel wonderful. I left in complete euphoria, and since then I've been greeted and smiled at by unknown men in a store or on a walk, which is an interesting phenomenon and the interest of men naturally pleases me in a situation where the country is under quarantine and you don't meet many people. At the same time, the answer to the question of what happens if the Ideal Partner does not appear immediately or at all emerged: Nothing at all. With complete inner harmony, humility and happiness.”

How to get rid of the problem in 6 minutes

Mrs. Aneta bravely started cleaning using the RUS Method at a public lecture. In 6 minutes, she solved her problem with fatigue. She discovered the cause in her mother's childhood and solved her problem under the guidance of Karel Nejedlý. It's that fast and you can see the results immediately. Thank you Aneta for your courage.

I got fired from my job

A problem with the coronavirus? Don't you have? Are you not afraid of illness or death, but are you haunted by fears about the future? Even being FIRED FROM YOUR JOB, you are afraid that you WILL NOT HAVE MONEY for rent and you don't know how it will continue are things that the current times bring us. And even such problems can be solved using the RUS Method. ... Dominika was not afraid, she went all in and we thank her for the opportunity to share her therapy.

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