Therapist's code of conduct

Living my life, I do credit to the RUŠ Method.

I can only help the one who wants to be helped and asks me for it. 
I give the client an intensive guidance to help them resolve their problem as fast and efficiently as possible.

All the information I obtain from the client must remain entirely confidential.

During a therapy, I work according to the rules of the RUŠ Method.
I do not mix it with other methods.

I only help the client to designate their negative convictions and resolve them.

I work on myself, resolve my negative convictions, and develop.

I improve my therapeutic abilities.
Both theoretically and practically.

If I evaluate somebody or something negatively, I resolve it in myself as soon as possible.
I realize that what bothers me is my problem.

I live according to the principles of the RUŠ Method.
I know I am responsible for my happy life.
I am aware of the fact that by looking for a “culprit” I am aggravating my problem.
If I do not live a happy life, it is up to me to resolve it.

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