Basic RUŠ Method Course – R2

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Continuation Course for RUŠ 1 graduates. The RUŠ Method Basic Courses 1, 2 and 3 create a whole. Participants gradually acquire the techniques of the RUŠ Method at a theoretical and in particular practical level. After a successful attendance of all the three courses, they are able to apply them well for themselves and have resolved all the areas of their life.

The time interval from the RUŠ 1 Course is at least 28 days and 365 days at most (one year).

For whom the seminar is intended

For those who want to get an even deeper insight into the RUŠ Method, learn it really well and thoroughly, have ideal relationships and know how to resolve any problem, including a health problem.

What participation in the seminar will bring you

  • You will enhance your theoretical knowledge.
  • You will develop what you have learnt in the previous course.
  • You will learn additional techniques how to resolve problems and how to approach a health problem.
  • Fulfilment of a wish – using a special technique of the RUŠ Method.
  • During practical training you will transform your relationships into “ideal” ones and then work on your specific problems.


  • Advanced theory of the RUŠ Method
  • Practice of techniques of the RUŠ Method, individually and in couples
  • Miraculous warm-up exercise – an excellent exercise to set the whole body in motion
  • Practical meditations

Participants must attend the course in the given facility and use the reserved accommodation from the beginning until the very end.The course is not suitable for people using psychopharmaceuticals and sleeping pills as well as mentally unstable individuals.

What you need for the training

Motivation to work on yourself and further improve your life. All the working materials and tool are included in the course price.


Five days. We usually start with dinner on Thursday at 6 p.m. and finish after lunch on Tuesday at around 2 p.m. 

The price is displayed in detailed description of each course.

You may sign up for the course after you HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PASSED the RUŠ 1 Course. You need to do it in your  RUŠ Office :-).

The courses are held in Czech language. If you are interested in a course with translation into English, send us an e-mail. As soon as there is a sufficient number of participants, we will inform you about a scheduled course date.

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