Petra Loumová

Petra Loumová

Map Business address
Pujmanové 1753/10a, Praha 4
Telephone E-mail
+420 606661731
Website Price per therapy 4500 CZK / 250 EUR - O víkendu příplatek 1000CZK .Terapie trvá až 4 hodiny a je možné pracovat i online přes Skype,Zoom,WhatsApp,Messenger
Offers therapy in these languages
English, Czech

Why do I use the RUŠ Method? (why has it become the method of my choice)

I work with the RUŠ method mainly for its immediate results, it is fast and efficient. There is no need to solve the problem for long period of time and visit therapists or psychologists all your life, because with the help of the RUŠ Method you are able to solve the specific problem in one session and especially FOREVER.

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

For years I"ve suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and atopic eczema. I visited a lot of therapists, psychologists, healers, but the problem always came back after a while and I was at the beginning again. I used a lot of pills and special creams and heard a lot of doctors" opinions that it"s hereditary and I"ll probably never get rid of it again. All these problems hindered me in everyday life that much, that I decided to solve it differently, to go to the core of the problem and solve the cause forever. I was wondering why the advice of others doesn"t help me when I do everything the way they say it, so why am I still worried and not seeing results? No one told me at that time that the real cause was related to my childhood, my relationships with my parents, and my relationship with myself. When I was recommended the book RUŠ after reading the first pages, I knew that it was a secret that we all have in us, the secret of self-healing through emotions buried very deep. I did not hesitate for a minute and decided to solve my mental and physical problems differently.

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