Barbara Skuherská

Barbara Skuherská

Map Business address
U Pernikářky 111/ 2A, Praha 5
Telephone E-mail
+420 777 221 144
Website Price per therapy 5000 Kč, možnost on-line
Offers therapy in these languages
English, Czech, Slovak

Why do I use the RUŠ Method? (why has it become the method of my choice)

I use The RUŠ Method because it"s bulletproof. It is a very practical and effective way of solving any problem, getting rid of negative thougs and limiting belives so there is nothing that can stop us from living a happy and succesfull life. What is very important- its effect is always positive and always permanent.

‘What benefits has the RUŠ Method brought me personally

The most valuable thing that this method has given me is freedom. I can dissolve any problem or thought pattern that is holding me back from living a life I desire.

What are my results with clients

Wonderful. My clients are often surprised or even shocked how fast they can get rid of their (often longterm) problems and suffering.

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